Outreachy begins, Yuhoo!

Who am I you ask?

Hello! I am Debolina Ghatuary. I am a sophomore pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Agartala, India. I am an Outreachy ’21 intern at Moja-Global and my project is Climate change speedrun: benchmarking and profiling of a C++ MRV library. I started my programming journey in Java and then discovered the world of Competitive Programming using C++. My interest in open source spiked up when I discovered about it through my college peers. I quickly realized how open source is the best place to get hands-on experience with projects that required real-life problem solving skills along with converting this code into deployable software.

When my laptop is sick, I usually spend time singing and playing my Ukulele or making great pizzas ;). In the hot summer months, swimming is my way to cool off while in winters, I love volleyball.

Core values that have always helped me.

The Boldness to take up something completely new and learn it from scratch. Sometimes taking such risks in finding new paths help me in getting unpredictably good results all the while rediscovering myself.

I am a Possimistic person (Yes! You read it right and YES I coined the term because it perfectly defines who I am). My optimism is what drives me to take up challenges while it is my pessimism, “I can’t do it” that keeps me sane when I don’t reach my immediate goals. This balance ultimately helps me look at the bigger picture that even if I don’t reach my dreams, I’ll get halfway.

We all have our own battles to fight but Compassion always takes us a long way. The ability to empathize and being kind to others enables us to understand ourselves and others better, and the more we understand others the more we will want to relieve suffering altogether.

Compassion is the radicalism of our time.”

-Dalai Lama XIV

The Whats, Whos and Hows:

What is Outreachy?

Outreachy is a diversity initiative that provides paid, remote internships to people subject to systemic bias and impacted by underrepresentation in the technical industry where they are living. Outreachy provides internships to work on open source. Their internships have- a monthly stipend, both interns and mentors working remotely and internships run twice a year from May to August, or December to March.
Outreachy interns work with experienced mentors from open source communities. Outreachy internship projects may include programming, user experience, documentation and so on. *

Who can apply to Outreachy?

Outreachy expressly invites women (both cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people to apply. They also expressly invite applications from residents and nationals of the USA of any gender who are Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American/American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander.
Anyone who faces under-representation, systemic bias, or discrimination in the technology industry of their country is eligible to apply. *

How can you apply to Outreachy?

There are 2 steps for applying to the program.

Step 1: The Eligibility Form

This form contains questions asking for your country of residence, country of work, time commitments, availability, visa, time-zone and so on. One needs to be available for 40 hours per week during the course of the internship to be eligible. An extension of 5-week upon approval from the mentors is allowed by some projects however they are not a necessity to be shown.
this is followed by a few essay type questions which focus on you and on your experiences during your education or open source or any other phases of life. Here you can pen down all your successes and failures without any fear of judgement. This is one of the most elaborate section that requires at least 2-3 days of proper thinking.

Step 2: The Final Application Phase

Once you are accepted (YAY!), it’s time for you to choose a project which matches your areas of interests. Some people choose projects by looking for projects that they find interesting while others look for projects having technology stacks that they are already aware of. The important thing is, you might not know everything about the project, you just need to begin somewhere.
Join the public chats used by your chosen organization, try to contact the mentor(s), solve some suggested bugs (tagged with Outreachy, First timers and so on) and try to understand the overall code structure. Once you have made a contribution, record it on the Outreachy website and fill in all the questions thereafter. Here, you’ll find another set of essay questions where you need to mention some positive aspects of why you want to be a part of this organization and how was your open source experience. Make sure to complete this form well in advance because you can edit later too.

*For more information visit Outreachy.

Feel free to reach me for any further doubts. You can find me on LinkedIn. Happy applying!🙂

Published by DebolinaGhatuary

I am a sophomore pursuing Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Agartala, India. I had started my journey with programming in Java and then discovered the world of Competitive Programming where I fell in love with C++ and the intricacies of this sophisticated language. I am currently an Outreachy intern at Moja-Global.

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